2016 Attendance Solution Package

Weekly Text Messages

Research shows weekly text messages make a difference

Messages about importance of attendance (25%) – Many parents do not understand how importance daily attendance is

Individualized messages about each child’s attendance (25%) – Make attendance goals relevant for each parent

Individualized messages about each child’s academic performance (25%) – Show parents how attendance affects academic performance

Individualized messages about how each child can improve (25%) – Emphasize to parents opportunities for students to advance in school.

Features and Benefits

Privacy for students, parents, and teachers (all phone numbers are masked, everyone is identified by their full name) – Protection for all

English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation of messages – Engage parents in the language most comfortable for them

Unlimited, two-way texting, parents can reply to messages for clarification to ask questions, etc. – Communication is all about being two-way

Parents can reply to in-school attendance secretary directly – More convenient and easier for parents

Training – Three webinar trainings on the mechanics of how to use the texting platform, how best to communicate with parents about attendance and academic performance

Before and after analysis of attendance – Using Attendance Works tool, establish metrics to judge efficacy of texting solution

Advanced scheduling of messages – Can be used to remind parents of forms due, field trips, schedule changes, etc

District will provide names and phone numbers on an excel spreadsheet to load - from SIS system

Phone numbers scrubbed – Athena’s Workshop will provide the district with names and phone numbers of landlines, disconnects and typos. If the district provides new numbers, we will reload them for free


Minimum – 100 students and one entire school building

Maximum Number of Students – Unlimited

Set-up fee - $500

Cost - $20 per student, per school year


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