Experts have called on parents to be real partners in education with their children’s instructor. It is difficult for parents to be real partners when they are not aware of classroom activities, upcoming tests, and expected homework on a regular basis. We believe that frequent two way communications between parent and instructor, and student and instructor, will improve parent involvement, student engagement and academic results. Athena’s Workshop texting platform will make parent involvement easier, more transparent, and more effectively engage parents in their child’s classroom and education which will improve student performance.

Helen Levy-Myers, Founder & CEO, believes that cell phones have unlimited potential to change and improve the world and wants to do that in the education space. She has several years of Project Management experience for Taproot Foundation and more than eight years of sales experience with SuperMedia. In 2008 she earned her Executive MBA from the College of William & Mary. She wrote the business plan for Athena’s Workshop while a member of the Washington DC Founder’s Institute program and graduated in February 2012. Previously as an entrepreneur, she bootstrapped Virginia Parent News, a local parenting publication with a strong focus on education, eventually exited and sold her equity to her partners.

Andrew Maslar, CTO, has more than a decade of experience building custom applications and websites using a variety of databases and developer toolboxes. His design philosophy is focused on the concept of “run well anywhere,” which has as its goal a zero-defect development cycle across all commonly used browsers and operating systems.

Kavita Mittapalli, Ph.D., has over a decade of research and program evaluation experience in the US and abroad and is well versed with advanced qualitative and quantitative research designs and data analyses techniques that include but are not limited to: case studies, focus groups, interviews, surveys, research designs like quasi experimental and randomized control trials, regression discontinuity, and single subject research designs. She has either led or has been a team member on numerous federal, state, and local districts education grants which include: education technology, district capacity building, instructor improvement, recruitment, and quality, after school programs, and reading and mathematics interventions. Currently, she is evaluating two NSF funded STEM initiatives- Math for America DC (MfA DC) and STEM Achievement for Baltimore Elementary Schools (SABES). She has published over 50 technical reports/documents and has three book chapters and one book to her credit since 2003.

Michael O’Brien is the founder of mob advocacy, a multi-state government relations firm focused on helping start-ups and small businesses wade through the complex processes of state and local legislative and procurement. Michael is an advisor to Athena’s Workshop, focusing on outreach to states, school districts and schools and on developing relationships that will be necessary for Phase III commercialization, including outreach to public schools system purchasing and state bid processes.